10 Summer Essentials

Summer essentials all here!

Summer essentials all here!

Happy Fashion Blog Friday, all you beauties! This week we took some time to pick out some super summer essentials we know you need! There are definitely more styles we could recommend, but these are a fabulous starting point for you, especially some you may want to mix and match.

1. This probably goes without saying, but we can’t leave out a gorgeous, flowy maxi dress for all you maxi mavens!

2. We hopped on the embroider trend train a looong time ago! Hop on with us and include an embroidered dress in your wardrobe this summer.

3. Basic tanks are the greatest. You can mix and match, layer them, wear them with shorts, jeans … you name it! Some of our favorites are from Michael Stars.

4. Tropical tops are a no-brainer. Combine a tropical print with an off the shoulder top and you’re set!

5. Let’s not forget denim shorts. They are a mega-must-have! You can wear them with everything.

6. Beaded necklaces are so in and the neutral colors make them super versatile.

7. Colorful kimonos need we say more? Kimonos are a summer must! Pair them with shorts and a crop top, use it as a swimsuit cover up, wear it over a dress … bam! Multiple outfits.

8. White denim because … white denim! You can wear them with anything!

9. Sandals! Okay, it’s summer and you need cute shoes that are more comfortable than flip-flops, right? Right!

10. Bright sleeveless tops! You can dress them up more than a basic tank and if you’re not a fan of sleeveless, wear it under a kimono or light cardigan and a pair of white pants.

Do YOU have these summer essentials? Is there anything you would add to this list? We’d love to hear from you!


We are so loving these colorful pieces! 

We are so loving these colorful pieces! 

Colorful maxis for summer! 

Colorful maxis for summer! 

Family Friday

In honor of Family Friday, we’d like to take a moment and reintroduce two of our powerhouse women, the owners and heart of Two P’s & Calli’s, Pam Couch and Calli Swindle. Two P’s & Calli’s actually began out only as Two P’s when Pam and her business partner opened their 400 square foot shop in 1994. Pam has over 23 years of experience and when Calli was 18 years old, she began working full time at the boutique and eventually, they combined their names to create the San Marcos boutique you know and love.

Every business starts with a dream and Pam’s dream consisted of connecting with, supporting and encouraging women. The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree and being on board full time since high school, Calli shares those same dreams. If you ask, Pam and Calli will tell you one of the most rewarding parts of being a boutique owner is getting to build relationships with customers and their amazing team members. Pam and Calli do an outstanding job building a positive and loving team while also preparing their stylists for their future endeavors, many of whom have gone on to pursue their own careers and open their own boutiques!

Being a boutique owner is about so much more than fashion. They thrive on making women feel strong, important, confident and beautiful. “As we are blessed, we want to bless others,” Pam says. Pam and Calli give back to individuals, families and foundations as often as they can. Owning such a special boutique gives us the opportunity to not only encourage women more, but to teach others how to be kind and encouraging to each other while also working with our own family.

As styles are ever changing, Pam and Calli attend markets and fashion shows to keep up with the evolving trends! Calli’s must-have item in her closet is a perfect pair of fitting premium denim because you can dress them up for a night out or dress them down. Pam loves anything in black from Michael Stars, as she loves the versatility to make it dressy with heels and accessories or go out casual.

A new transition for the boutique is the beginning of selling online, as online shopping has become so popular. However, their hope is that you’ll keep the boutique experience alive and continue to come in and have a blast with our fashion consultants because the boutique experience and connecting with their customers is what they’re all about!

We hope you loved learning a little bit more about the brains and the beauties behind Two P’s & Calli’s and we hope you’ll come by and see us for a chance to get to know our team!